Medela Symphony Double Breast Pump Review

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The Medela Symphony Breast Pump is latest of a long line of electric double pumps that are classified as hospital grade from Medela. This pump uses a 2-Phase Expressing pumping system that helps to cut down on pumping time. The Symphony Breast Pump is very unique in it capable of allowing to different women to breast pump at the same time. Safety is paramount when it comes to your baby and Medela designed the Symphony to ensure safety of the expressed breast milk.

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The heart of the Symphony Breast Pump is 2-Phase Expression Pumping System, this breakthrough technology uses faster let down and improved milk flow to express as much milk in the shortest amount of time. This is designed to closer simulate the way an actual breast-feeding baby would feed.

Another feature of the Symphony Breast Pump is the ability to have two different women using the machine at the same time. It has two completely separate connections for two sets of double or single suction setups. Each of the two separate expression sessions will enjoy the same performance.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Features

  • Hospital-grade electric double pumps
  • Unique overflow protection; Double or single pumping
  • Whisper quiet operation;  Easy to clean
  • One knob control; BPA/DEHP Free
  • Breakthrough 2-Phase Expression pumping

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Operation of the Medela Symphony Breast Pump couldn’t be easier; it comes with everything necessary including the tubes, bottles and feeding nipples to attach to the two bottles. However, if you were going to have to women using the pump system you will need to purchase a separate expression kit. The system is designed for easy cleaning in between sessions.

A few additional bits of information about the Symphony Breast Pump you might like to know, all parts that may come in contact with the breast milk are made from materials that are completely free of BPA and DEHP for extra safety for your baby. The whisper quiet operation is another feature of the Symphony machine, which makes it possible to express while feeding your baby.

After reviewing many of the online reviews posted about double breast pumps it appears that the Symphony Breast Pump is a real winner. According to several reviewers the single knob control was very easy to operate. The same reviewer compared the Symphony much more favorably to the one she used in the hospital. One reviewer really like the double phase expression, it was very comfortable for her. As you can imagine, not all the comments were positive, a couple reviewers pointed out that it was rather heavy if you need to carry it around. Another reviewer pointed out that condensation often built up in the tubes, causing them to have to run it for a little while without the bottles attached to clear out the water. Click here to read more reviews.

After reviewing many comments, good and bad I have decided that the good things about the Medela Symphony Breast Pump far outweigh the bad. For that reason I would have to recommend that any women looking for a breast pump should look into this model. I hope my double breast pump reviews has been helpful in your decision to purchase this Medela Symphony Breast Pump and if you do decide to get this one I know you won’t be sorry.

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Customer Reviews

Medela breast pumps October 28th, 2011 (#)

Medela breast pumps have been used by hospitals and nursing mothers for over 25 years. Medela is the industry leader in breastfeeding products, accessories and rightfully.

Wideline August 28th, 2012 (#)

I went back to school four days after ginivg birth and I had similar issues with the pump. It\’s the one thing I just loved to procrastinate about, so I started feeding the baby only on one side (or as much as possible) during the night (the side that she preferred the least during the day) and when I got up in the morning I would pump the other side (that was, by then, gorging with milk because it was used to her eating every couple hours). I don\’t know if it will work for you, but good luck! 🙂

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