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Many women find some challenges during the time of breast feeding because they fail to understand the good type of breast pump that they can use for their babies. Using a breast pump has an advantage in that the baby can benefit from mother’s milk even if the mother is away. The mother will not have to worry about her absence from her child.

Breast pumps are of many different types that you one can get in the market. For you to prevent the infections and keep your flowing milk will depend on your selection of the right type. Before going back to work and leaving your baby with a sitter, you have to make sure that the pump is in a good working condition.

It is advisable to begin feeding the baby using bottle as early as three to four weeks this is because many babies will not accept a bottle if it is introduced later for them. There are several types of breast pumps you may find great. However, you must have some background information about them.

They fall under two categories which are manually operated by hand and the electrical or battery powered. Some mothers prefer using both while others would only decide on one type. The one you choose should be good you and your baby.

There are some women having nursing problem during their first few weeks after giving birth. In other cases their babies are not able to get enough milk supply. They are advised to use hospital grade electric breast pumps. This type of pump will be used with mothers under medical condition. A heavy-duty hospital-grade has a cycling time which draws the milk from the breast. This means that a mother can pump two breasts at a time.

To mothers who are working for full time or are always away from their babies are advised to choose the hospital-grade pump and the convenience of more portable model and top-end electric pump. This pumps is more valuable because of its fully automatic, adjustable, double pumping capacity and with its quick cycling times which prevents the nipple discomfort. It is used by mothers who need to pump more than once a day.

For a mother who wants to leave her baby most of the times, it is advisable for her to use inexpensive manual and mid-range electric or battery -operated pump. This is because they are less in weight and affordable than that of high ended model. They require less effort than the top-end electric pump and usually take longer to use. The mid-range electric pump only allows you to pump one breast at once.

Some mothers would like to pump one side when the baby is nursing on the other. Hand pumps are more affordable by that time because it is smaller, quieter and lighter than the electric pumps. Manual pumps are quiet slow but it depends on how fast you can squeeze the pumps. Most mothers face some difficulties of getting milk with hand pumps and some claim that hand pumps do not completely emptied their breast, which leads them to produce less milk.

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